Accessible Voting

The Napa County Election Division is committed to ensuring all voters can participate in elections, and provides various accessible programs and services to help voters cast their vote privately and independently.

If you have questions or require further assistance, please email the Election Division or call toll free 888-494-8356 or 707-253-4321. TTY users may call 707-299-1475.

Accessible Voter Information Pamphlets

Napa County voters are mailed a standard 12-point font paper version of the Voter Information Pamphlet approximately one month before Election Day. In addition, the Election Division posts the pamphlet online in PDF format. Registered voters can view their pamphlet by logging in to the Ballot Status application. Large print Voter Information Pamphlets are printed on demand and can be mailed on request by contacting our office.

For state and federal elections, voters receive two guides: the Voter Information Pamphlet, prepared by the Napa County Election Division, and the California Voter Information Guide, prepared by the Secretary of State.

The Voter Information Guide can be viewed and heard in a downloadable format on the Secretary of State’s website. Audio CDs and large print copies can be requested at no cost by calling 800-345-VOTE (8683), emailing the Secretary of State, or ordering online. Large-print versions of the California Voter Information Guide are also available in our office or at any Vote Center.

Ballot Envelope

Two holes are punched on the signature side of each ballot return envelope at either end of the signature line. These holes do not go all the way through. Voters can use these tactile cues to find the signature line by touch and sign their name between the holes.

It is recommended that voters using the Accessible Vote By Mail system use this envelope from their ballot packet to return their ballot.

Accessible Vote By Mail System

An accessible vote-by-mail system is a ballot delivery option that allows voters with disabilities to access their ballot using any computer with internet access. Voters may download and mark their ballot privately and independently using their own assistive technology, print their marked ballot, and mail it to the Election Division to be counted.

View video of Accessible Vote By Mail System

Accessible Voting Equipment

All Vote Centers have accessible ballot-marking devices.

The ballot-marking device allows voters to navigate through their ballots using features such as:

  • Touchscreen tablet with options to change text and background colors and the text size
  • Braille-embossed handheld keypad (audio-tactile interface)
  • Headphones and audio instructions in English and Spanish

The device is compatible with a number of assistive devices. Voters may bring in their own assistive devices, including sip-and-puff systems, paddles, and head-pointers.

Voters using the ballot-marking device have the option to view or hear a summary of their choices and change any selections before printing their ballots.

The ballot-marking device only marks a ballot; it does not count votes. The device generates and prints a paper ballot with the voter’s selections. The ballot is then scanned through the Ballot-Scanning Machine at the Election Division for tabulation.

Curbside Voting

Curbside voting is available for voters requesting additional assistance. Each Vote Center has a designated curbside voting parking spot. Voters only need to call or text the number posted on the sign to notify a worker at that location that they are ready to vote. A worker can assist them with getting a replacement ballot without having to leave the vehicle.

Other Resources

Voter Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC)

California Secretary of State

Disability Rights California (DRC)

  • DRC operates a voting hotline, 1-888-569-7955, until 8pm on Election Day for people having difficulty voting because of a disability.
  • DRC Accessible Vote By Mail video