Voluntary Services

Voluntary Family Maintenance Services

Voluntary Family Maintenance Services is the provision of non-court-ordered, time-limited protective services to families whose children are in potential danger of abuse, neglect or exploitation when the child can safely remain in the home and the family is willing to accept services and engage in corrective action. The agreement for voluntary services may be initiated by the CSW or by the court, per WIC 301(a) or 360(b). The parent/guardian must not be coerced into agreeing to VFM services by threats of removing the child(ren) from the home.

Family Preservation Services

Family Preservation Services provides voluntary short-term, intensive, in-home services to families. The goal of Family Preservation Services is to engage with families in order to have children remain in their home or to return home from foster care timely, while their parents work to create and demonstrate sustained safety. The focus of the program is to avoid Court involvement, avoid out of home placement or shorten out of home placement and improve family health and wellness.