Child Placed...Now What?

Thank you for being a Napa County Resource Family! We know this is an exciting, complicated and tiring time when a lot of questions will come up. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for support. We know that whether you are taking care of relative children, children you are now building a relationship with, or are in varying stages of getting the child connected to supports and services in the community, we are here to help answer questions and get you what you need. Below you will find guides that can help you with having a child first placed in your home.

Submit completed Health contact form to CWS Public Health Nurse:
Phone (707) 259-8723
Fax (707) 299-4496
[email protected]

First Week After Placement

  1. Once placement occurs, you can expect a call from your child’s social worker within the first few business days. If you do not hear from your child’s social worker, you can call the main office at 707-253-4744.
  2. The public health nurse, Adriana Caballero, will send you information on what immediate medical appointments the child needs, which include a foster care intake exam that may include immunizations and sometimes a dental appointment. If you have concerns or the child is sick, you can contact Adriana at 707-259-8723.
  3. The visit coordinator will contact you to set up the visitation schedule. If you have any questions you can contact them directly at 707-253-4093.
  4. You will also be contacted by one of our current resource parent that will assist you with your current placement. They will provide ongoing guidance and support with any question or concerns that you may have.