Alternative Sentences

After sentencing immediately report to Post Court Services on the first floor of the Court House. At Post Court Services you will receive your minute order and other important information you will need regarding your case. Once you have received your paperwork, report directly to the Hall of Justice Building located behind the Courthouse.

Alternative Sentencing Questionnaire

In the Hall of Justice Building, go directly to the reception window and ask for an alternative sentencing questionnaire. The questionnaire is essential in determining if you are a candidate for the Community Conservation Corp (CCC) or the Work Furlough/Home Detention program. When you have completed the assessment questionnaire you can either:

The Classification team will review all applications. Please allow one week for a Classification Specialist to contact you once you have turned in your application. All applications must be turned in two weeks prior to your scheduled remand date. Late applications will not be accepted.

Classification Specialists

  • Erline Geske - Phone: 707-253-6016
  • Stuart Vosburg - Phone: 707-299-1408