Zinfandel Lane Paving, RDS 19-05


Project Scope

The project is located on Zinfandel Lane in Napa County.  The extents of resurfacing on Zinfandel Lane is shown per plan, between State Route 29 and Silverado Trail. The proposed project will consist of the placement of a 2.5 inch thick layer of rubberized asphalt, gap graded (RHMA-G) over Zinfandel Lane, including grinding and other related work.  The restriping pattern will be as shown on the plans.  

The work shall be conducted during favorable weather with no ambient temperatures less than 55 degrees F.  The Additive Alternate #3 scope is shown per attached plan and specs.

Contractor shall possess a Class "A" or C-12 License at the time of contract award. The Engineer construction estimate for this project is $1,201,795. 

Bid Documents

The Bid documents are attached below.