Water/Sewer Rates and Charges


The Governing Board last approved a rate structure modification including changes to water and sewer usage and fixed charges in 2013. The changes took effect on July 1, 2013. Connection fees were last adjusted in a similar process in 2005.

In February 2020 a consultant performed a cost of service rate study to determine if rates were sufficient to cover expenses for the next five years. The study was completed in July of 2020 and did not indicate a need for a rate increase at that time. A copy of the study will be uploaded when available. 

Additionally, all property owners in the community, regardless of development status, pay an annual Special Tax and Capital Improvement Assessment. 


Pay Water/Sewer Bill

In-Person Bill/Connection Payments

You may pay your bill in-person at the main Public Works office 1195 Third Street, Suite 101 Napa, CA 94559. Due to Covid-19, it is recommended that you call first (707-253-4351) before attempting to pay in-person. Facemasks are required for in-person interactions.

Online Bill/Connection Payments

Heartland (online bill pay) offers our customers a fast, safe, and convenient way to pay and access their water bill online. This is bill pay service only and a 2.32% fee applies to all transactions.

LBRID - Heartland Payment Center

Returned Check Policy

Check or electronic check payments returned by your bank for any reason will result in a $45 returned item fee. If you need to update your account information, please call 707-259-8600.

Starting and Stopping Service

To start service, call 707-259-8600, or complete the start-service application (PDF) and return it to the Napa County Public Works Department with the applicable payment.

To stop service, call 707-259-8600, or complete the stop-service application (PDF) and return it to the Napa County Public Works Department.

For temporary service through a hydrant, call 707-259-8600, or complete the temporary-service application (PDF) and return it to Napa County Public Works with the associated deposit. Upon receipt of application and deposit, you will be directed to Operations to receive a hydrant meter.

*Starting or stopping water and/or sewer service requires one day advance notice. Weekends are typically not available for turning on or shutting off service unless approved by the District Engineer or operations team.

Explanation of Water & Sewer Rates and Bill Example

Water and sewer invoices are calculated bi-monthly based on fixed and metered water usage rates. A cap exists for sewer charges.

Water & Sewer Fixed Charges

Fixed charges are set per meter size. These assist in recovering some of the costs of system maintenance, meter reading, customer service and billing. Water fixed charges apply to all water accounts and sewer fixed charges to all sewer accounts. The fixed charge includes the first 4,000 gallons of usage each month, or 8,000 gallons per bi-monthly billing cycle.

Water Usage Charges

Water usage charges are based on the amount of water used during the billing period and cover the costs of buying and delivering water.

Sewer Usage Charges

Sewer usage charges are based on estimated sewer flow and cover the wastewater treatment and disposal costs. For most customers, these charges are based on the sewer cap (see below), or on the water usage for the month, whichever is lower.

Sewer Cap

Sewer usage charges are based on metered consumption of water as determined by averaging usage during the winter billing periods. This occurred during the months of November through March, and the cap was determined to be 6,000 gallons. Any metered water usage above 6,000 gallons is not billed the sewer usage charge.

For More Information, please follow this link: Understanding Your Water/Sewer Invoice (PDF).

Delinquent Policy

Your account becomes delinquent and may be subject to disconnection of service if the utility bill has not been paid within 31 days of the billing cycle. No penalties are currently charged to delinquent accounts, however, any accounts with a delinquent balance will continue to accrue new bi-monthly charges until the delinquent balance is paid in full. Should service be disconnected, payment of the delinquent balance will be required before service is restored.

To discuss a delinquent account, call 707-259-8600. In some cases, payment arrangements are possible, so please call early if you are unable to pay your bill on time.

After 12 consecutive on-time payments or when service is stopped, the deposit will be applied to the account, and any deposit amount remaining will be returned to the customer.

Disconnection of Residential Water Service for Non-Payment

The written policy for disconnection of residential water service for non-payment is available below in the following languages. Please contact our office at 707-259-8600, if you have any questions.