Oakville to Oak Knoll Reach - Group D, PW 20-28


Status:  Construction
Contact: Andrew Butler
Publish Date: April 8, 2020

Project Scope

The project is located on the East and West banks of the Napa River in a stretch located between Yountville Cross Road and Oakville Cross Road in Napa County. The work will consist of demolition, grading, excavation and off haul of soil, construction of biotechnical stabilization structures, construction of habitat features, and deployment of erosion control measures.


A Class A license is required for this project.  The 3 lowest bids subcontractor list have been posted.  The project was awarded by the Board of Supervisors on June 9, 2020 to Siteworks Construction Inc. of Lafayette, CA.


Bids Location Total Base Bid
Siteworks, Inc. Lafayette, CA $4,685,570.31
Hanford ARC Petaluma, CA $4,751,276.00
Suulutaaq Inc. Suisun City, CA $4,986,405.90
McCullough Arcata, CA $5,457,322.05
Granite Rock San Jose, CA $6,994,891.00
Martin Brothers Sacramento, CA $7,069,849.00