Capital Improvement Projects

Recent Capital Improvements since 2011

  • Water Plant Replacement (grant funded)
  • Intake Extension (grant/reserve funded)
  • Water Tank Replacement (grant funded)
  • Collection System I/I Repairs (bond funded)
  • Phase I - Wastewater Storage and Disposal Expansion (grant funded)
  • Phase II - Lift Station Upgrades (grant funded)
  • Phase III - Force Main Replacement/Backwash Recovery (grant funded)
  • In-Tank Aeration for disinfections By-product reduction (reserve funded)

* Before and After photos – coming soon *

List of ongoing/future project

  • Tank 3 Replacement (funding application submitted)
  • Generator Installation (reserve funding - Spring 2021)
  • Alternative Intake (funding undetermined)
  • Pressure Station Rehabilitation (funding undetermined)