Become an IHSS Provider

Steps to Become an IHSS Care Provider

1. Complete Online Orientation 

  • Go to the enrollment site
  • Create an account and write down your username, password, and answers to the security questions. 
  • Watch the mandatory videos.
  • Schedule an appointment. 

Start Enrollment

  • If you need assistance contact our staff at (707) 253-4531 or email us at [email protected]  for assistance.

If you are already working for an IHSS recipient or know who you will be working for please complete the SOC 426A (SOC 426A Español) with your recipient’s signature and bring this form to the orientation. This will help you get assigned to your recipient and able to receive your first timesheets as soon as possible.  

2. Complete the Fingerprint Background Check

3. Attend Your Scheduled Appointment

  • Once you have completed the online enrollment you will automatically be asked to schedule an appointment.
  • Please bring your:

4. Enroll in the Electronic Services Portal to Receive Your First Timesheets

  • You’ll receive your first timesheet after we have processed all your forms and received a clear background check.
  • Then immediately enroll to get electronic timesheets to speed up your payments and avoid postage costs and timesheet errors. If you need help enrolling please contact us at (707)253-4531 or email [email protected].  

Start Enrollment