Napa County War Dead History

The Napa County Veterans’ Commissioners assembled a Napa County War Dead Ad Hoc Committee comprised of Commissioner Tom Sabo (Chair) and Commissioner Rose Sheehan. Additional Ad Hoc Committee Members enlisted by Commissioners Sabo and Sheehan included:

  • Mr. Joshua Thornton, Eagle Scout At-Large and Student Archivist
  • Mr. Burt Lucido, Retired First Class Seaman
  • Ms. Susan Sanderson, Napa District 1 Resident

This Committee was tasked to assemble a Napa County War Dead list for the purposes of a Napa County Veterans’ Memorial and for publication within the Napa Valley Register to Honor the Fallen.

This formal report is a compilation of the efforts put forth by this Committee. For more than a year, this Committee has researched, collected, and compiled diverse information to create the results herein. This is far from complete as it has been difficult to locate and include information on those who died later from war wounds.

We respectfully request any corrections and additional information from the people of Napa County and elsewhere. Please contact the Veterans Commission for more information. 

Napa County War Dead Lists