Step 3: Prepare Plans


Once you have selected your design professional, the design and preparation of plans begins. Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services (PBES) can assist you and your design professional and answer questions as your plans are prepared. In addition to the informational links below, you can visit the PBES Permit Applications page for helpful information about the building permit process and checklists.

NOTICE: New Building Code Requirements went into effect June 17, 2021 to improve fire protection for all new residential construction and rebuilds. Please refer to Ordinance No. 1468 and Resolution 2021-50 for details.

County Fire Marshal Residential Rebuild Requirements

Applicability of the 2021 Napa County Road and Street Standards for Fire Rebuilds

How to Obtain a Temporary Trailer Permit

How to Obtain a Temporary Electrical Permit for Fire Damage Repair

Woodburning Fireplace Requirements

Window Replacement Requirements

Engineering Building Permit Checklist (PDF)

Engineering Fire-related Resources and Information

Post-fire Land Management Resources

Do burned trees on my property need to be removed?


Depending on your project, you may need approval from County agencies prior to rebuilding. 

  • Planning and Zoning Approval
  • Septic/Sewer and Water Approvals
  • Fire Approval

Planning and Zoning Approval: If you plan to rebuild in the same location and size and you wish to apply for the fee reduction and expedited plan review associated with the rebuild you will need to provide documentation confirming the location and size of the residence(s) and accessory buildings that legally existed prior to the fire. However, if you plan on rebuilding anything other than the original permitted structure, you will need to go through the full planning approval process which may add significant time to the rebuilding process.  

Resolution 2021-16 Amending prior resolutions for Rebuilding After Disaster Policy (PDF)

Ordinance 1461 Amending Chapter 8.80 Napa County Code Entitled Disaster Recovery (PDF)

Septic/Sewer and Water Approvals: Contact a licensed sewage contractor if your home was on a septic system that you plan on utilizing for your new home. You will need them to complete an evaluation of your system. For additional information on septic requirements click here.

Private Wells Damaged by Wildfire (English) (Spanish)

Fire Disaster Response - well and septic

Well and Treatment System Contractors

Sewage System Contractors

Water Approved Labs

Fire Approval: Napa County Fire Marshal's Office plan review and approval is required for the rebuilding of all destroyed structures. You will also need to contact the Napa County Fire Marshal's Office at 707-299-1464 to have your roadway/driveway evaluated, before building permits can be issued.

County Fire Marshal Residential Rebuild Requirements (PDF)



To begin the construction process, your proposed project will need to be accurately defined in detail by preparing design plans. These plans need to be prepared by a design professional. For complex soil conditions, foundation/site work, or structural/mechanical/electrical designs, detailed engineering may also be necessary to support the proposed design. It is your choice in determining who you hire to prepare your plans. 

Check a Design Professional License

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