Step 4: Obtain Permit


To begin the rebuilding process after a disaster, property owners need to submit an application for a building permit to the Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services (PBES) Department. PBES staff can help you with the application process. Once you’ve applied, you will be asked to submit the design plans for your proposed construction project prepared by a design professional (ONLY . Please be aware that there may be additional plan submittal requirements, based on the scope of your project, including but not limited to: soils report, grading permit, septic system (evaluation and/or installation). While there are many components to the rebuild process we want to make sure you are aware of items that may need to be addressed as you plan for rebuilding, and that could potentially hold you up at or after submittal.

For more details on the plan submittal process, checklists and requirements, please visit the PBES Permit Applications information page.

Note: The property owner, an authorized (i.e., in writing) agent, or licensed contractors are the only individuals who can legally sign the application and submit for the building permit. 


Once your permit application and building plans have been submitted for your proposed project, PBES will review your plans and provide guidance to ensure the project meets building code requirements. PBES will also assist you in identifying any other local and State agencies that need to review and approve of your design.

Estimated plan review timelines, based on scope of project, as follows:

  • If you plan to replace your residence, second unit, or guest house in the same location and size ("like for like", meaning less than or up to 125% of pre-existing), you may be eligible for the fee reduction and 14-day expedited plan review. Note: you will need to provide documentation, such as a pre-disaster site plan, confirming the location and size of the residence(s) and accessory buildings that legally existed prior to the fire.
  • If your replacement plans are not "like for like", you are still eligible for a fee reduction (on the portion that is considered "like for like") and your submission will have a 28-day plan review period; however, your plan review will be prioritized over non-fire-related application submissions.
  • Certain fire rebuild accessory structures, such as single story Ag buildings, carports, gazebos, pump houses, storage buildings, etc., will qualify for the fee reduction and priority processing under the 10-day quick permit review process.

For more details on the plan submittal process and requirements, please visit the PBES Permit Applications information page.

Visit the OPC website to find the status of your permit, schedule an inspection, or for inspection results. See "How to check the status of your permit" (PDF) for step by step directions on how to check the status.