Step 5: Construct & Inspect


With your contractors hired and building permits issued, you are ready to start construction on your property. As construction proceeds, it is very important and required to schedule periodic inspections as the work progresses on your rebuilding project with the Planning, Building, and Environmental Services (PBES) Department.

Check a Contractor License

Cal-OHSA Guidance for Construction Employers


A necessary component of ensuring that your project meets building code and other requirements is to make sure that periodic inspections by PBES are performed throughout the construction of the project. At the start of the project, the permit will outline the construction steps that require inspection. To help the work proceed correctly, additional inspections will also be made as necessary. 

It is the building permit’s holder's responsibility (the property owner, or in most cases, the licensed general contractor) to request periodic inspections. To request an inspection, the permit holder must contact PBES to request an inspection via phone, text or online.

Visit the OPC website to find the status of your permit, to schedule an inspection, or to view inspection results. 

Inspections Scheduling Guide via Phone or Text