Disaster Impacted Voters

Voting Options After a Disaster

If your residence has been destroyed by a disaster in Napa County, you should take action to preserve your voting options.

Ballots and other election materials cannot be forwarded to other addresses.

  • If your mail is being HELD, your ballot will be mailed 29 days before election day and received soon after with the rest of your mail (depending on when the hold goes into effect). The amount of time the U.S. Postal Service holds mail depends on the severity of the event, but is typically 1-2 months; please review local postal guidance provided or contact our office for the most current information.

  • If your mail is being FORWARDED, please contact our office, as your ballot will NOT be forwarded to your new address. Please review the options below.  

You have two options for updating your voting information:


You may choose to stay registered at your current residential address and update your mailing address (or continue to collect your mail at the post office as long as that service is available).

  • This option is for those who are planning on rebuilding or reoccupying the existing property, and want to continue voting in their current districts.
  • There is not a time limit on this option (you do not need to rebuild or move back in a specified period of time).

*If you choose this option, you can update your mailing address by completing this form and returning it to the Napa County Election Division, calling (707) 253-4321, or emailing [email protected]. This must be done no later than 7 days before the next election.


You may choose to register at your new address.

  • This option is for those who do not plan to return to their disaster-impacted property, or who wish to vote in the districts in which they temporarily reside.

*You can complete a new registration by visiting registertovote.ca.gov. This must be done no later than 15 days before the next election in order to receive a replacement ballot by mail. Any residential address updates done after the 15 day close of registration will require you to appear in person at any Vote Center located throughout Napa County.

If your plans are uncertain at this time, you may choose either option.