Water Facilities

00 - supply

Water Supply Intake

The water supply intake is located approximately 1,500 ft south of the water treatment plant on the shore of Putah Creek. The intake consists of a 6” submersible pump encased in a 14” well casing, and a chemical feed house where pre-treatment occurs.

03 - intake

03 - intake building

Water Treatment Plant

The District's original water treatment plant was replaced in 2011 and was funded by the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The new plant is an immersed membrane treatment facility. After treatment, water flows through the pictured chlorine contact building to ensure proper disinfection time is achieved, and then into the underground clearwell tank for additional contact time. From the clearwell, water is pumped using the high-lift pumps pictured to into the distribution system and tanks for potable uses.

01 - Water Plant

Inside Water Treatment Plant

The treatment plant also includes a filter backwash recovery area – used for recycling water used for filter cleaning – and an office used for monitoring process, alarms, and completing regulatory reports.

02 - WTP backwash

Water Treatment Plant office

Water Distribution System

The distribution system includes ~ 27,000 ft of asbestos-cement water mains sized between 4 and 12 inches. The distribution system is divided into three different pressure zones all served by a corresponding tank – with Zone 3/Tank 3 the highest in elevation, Zone 2/Tank 2 the middle, and Zone 1/Tank 1 the lowest.

Water Tanks and Booster Pump Stations

District customers are served by three tanks totaling 400,000 gallons. Tanks 1 and 2 also have associated booster pump stations that transfer water from it to the next tank in sequence. Tanks 1 and 2 are new bolted steel tanks installed in 2018 and 2019.  Tank No 3 is a redwood tank of original construction installed in 1967. 

06 - Tank 1r 07 - Tank 2r 08 - Tank 3 scorching

Permit Information

Our permit to operate is issued by the Mendocino District of the California Division of Drinking Water

Current Operating Permit (PDF).

The Water Watch website provides regulatory information about our system, including results of water quality testing.