NBRID Sewer Lateral Plug Project, NB 20-01

NB 20-01


  • Status: Evaluation/Review
  • Contact: Andrew Butler
  • Publish Date: October 29, 2020

Project Scope

The location of work is entirely within the Napa Berryessa Resort Improvement District (NBRID).  The primary objective of the project is to plug the sewer lateral to prevent future inflow and infiltration into the sewer systems.


Each Contractor bidding on the project shall possess a Class "A" or "C34" license and be registered with the DIR at the time of bid opening.  The Engineer's estimate for construction is $100,000.

Bid Documents

 The Notice to Contractors and the Plans and Specifications are in the links below.  Addendum 1 has been added.  The project is under Evaluation/Review.

Contractor Location Total Base Bid
Rehak General Engineering Auberry, CA   $94,000.00
Cobabe Brothers Plumbing El Dorado Hills, CA   $97,101.06
Suulutaaq Inc. Suisun City, CA $103,518.00
TNT Industrial Contractors Sacramento, CA $106,784.00
G.D. Nielson Construction Napa, CA $125,010.60
Kerex Engineering Martinez, CA $164,500.00
E.E. Gilbert Construction Martinez, CA $260,944.00