Environmental Health Fire Recovery

Para obtener información y apoyo en español, llame a la línea de información del Condado de Napa al 707-299-1350. 

Please refer to the following resources related wells, water systems, sewer and septic systems that may have been impacted by wildfires:

Advisory:  Private Water Wells and Springs Impacted by Wildfire 

                      Water Systems Status (note: use Chrome or Edge internet browser)

Fire Disaster Response Information for Wells, Water systems, Sewer and Septic Systems 

FEMA Resources for assistance with private wells and septic systems 

Please refer to the following resources for fire recovery and information related to Hazardous Waste, Asbestos and Debris Removal:

Road to Rebuilding: Debris Cleanup

Rebuilding After the Fire

Frequently Asked Questions

Local Assistance Center

We are here to help, if you have other questions or need assistance, please call us at (707) 299-1350 during business hours, or email us at [email protected]