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Join our Groundwater Well Monitoring Program

  • The GSA monitors about 105 residential and irrigation wells across the Napa Valley Subbasin and County, but gaps remain in our network.
  • By joining our voluntary Groundwater Well Monitoring Program you can help contribute to a better understanding of how groundwater levels fluctuate across the Napa Valley Subbasin throughout the year and from year-to-year.
  • Depending on the location and depth of your well, the County may offer:
    • To measure static water level (the distance from the ground surface to where the top of the water sits in the well) twice per year (in fall and spring) or monthly.
    • To conduct water quality sampling (for arsenic, chloride, nitrate, and total dissolved solids) once per year.
  • This service is provided free of charge and can help you better understand how water depths change over time in your well.
  • If your well is within the red highlighted regions on the attached map, please consider joining the voluntary program to help the County!
  • If you are interested in joining the Groundwater Well Monitoring Program, please email [email protected].
    • Please provide a well completion report or any relevant information on your well to evaluate suitability for monitoring.

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Participate in Meetings

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

  • The TAG was formed as a group of independent experts to make technical recommendations on the various projects and workplans to help implement the Groundwater Sustainability Plan.
  • TAG Membership:
  • Meetings typically occur the second Thursday of each month at 1:30pm. You can find meeting materials, including minutes of past meetings, through the Napa County Legistar portal (use the dropdown menu to select “Technical Advisory Group” to show meetings specific to the TAG).
  • Meetings take place at 1195 Third St., Suite 305, Napa CA 94559 (with a hybrid Zoom option available), OR entirely virtual via Zoom. Please double check each meeting agenda prior to making plans to attend a meeting in-person.
  • All meetings are recorded, and recordings are posted within one week at the Napa County Legistar Portal 
  • The TAG realizes that not all County residents have the same opportunity to stay engaged. Please watch or listen to meetings via:
    1. Listen on your phone - via Zoom at 1-669-900-6833 Enter Meeting ID 894 2608 5834 once you have joined the meeting. 
    2. Watch via the Internet - Click to view the Live Stream via Zoom, then enter Meeting ID 894 2608 5834.
  • Public may comment on any item that appears on the agenda or provide general public comment for any item or issue that does not appear on the agenda by email to [email protected]
    1. Please provide your name and indicate the agenda item upon which you are commenting. 
    2. Emails received will not be read aloud but will still become part of the public record.
  • Sign up to receive meeting notifications here.

GSA Meetings

  • Meetings typically occur in conjunction with the Napa County Board of Supervisor meetings
  • GSA Directors meet at 1195 Third St., Suite 305, Napa CA 94559. Due to COVID-19 all meetings will be held online until further notice.
  • Public may participate virtually as per Napa County Public Health Order and in adherence to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20:
  • Public may comment on any item that appears on the agenda or provide general public comment for any item or issue that does not appear on the agenda by email to [email protected], or by phone at (707) 299-1776.

GSA Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Video

  • View the GSA’s Agendas and Minutes for current meetings (2021 to present) and past meetings (2020). The GSA agenda items are held in conjunction with the Board of Supervisors' meetings.
  • Agendas are posted at least 72 hours before each meeting.

GSPAC Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Video

The GSPAC met monthly from July 2020 through November 2021. 

Stakeholder Communication & Engagement Plan

The Stakeholder Communication & Engagement Plan (CEP) guides local efforts to meet SGMA requirements and involve stakeholders in the community with the development of an effective Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). The CEP will enhance community partnerships, build awareness, communicate scientific and planning principles, create transparency, and provide inclusive and equitable opportunities for public comment and feedback on GSP draft sections.