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Stakeholder Communication & Engagement Plan

The Stakeholder Communication & Engagement Plan (CEP) guides local efforts to meet SGMA requirements and involve stakeholders in the community with the development of an effective Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). The CEP will enhance community partnerships, build awareness, communicate scientific and planning principles, create transparency, and provide inclusive and equitable opportunities for public comment and feedback on GSP draft sections.

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GSA Meetings

GSPAC Meetings

  • Held 2nd Thursday of each month at 1:30 pm. 
  • Meetings held virtually per Napa County Public Health Order and in adherence to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20. 
  • The public is invited to observe and participate in GSPAC meetings: 
    • Listen on the phone - Via Zoom at 1-669-900-6833, enter Meeting ID 997-9372-6555.
    • Watch via the Internet - Via Zoom at, enter Meeting ID 997-9372-6555.
  • The public may submit public comment for any item that appears on the agenda or provide general public comment for any item or issue that does notappear on the agenda, as follows:
    • Via email by sending comments to [email protected].
    • Online using the Zoom attendee link: 
      • Enter an email address and your name. Your name will be visible online while you are speaking. When the Chair calls for the item on which you wish to speak, click “raise hand.”
    • By phone by calling the Zoom phone number 1-669-900-6833 and entering Meeting ID 997 9372 6555.  
      • When the Chair calls for the item on which you wish to speak, press *9 to raise a hand. 


Jeff Sharp, Supervising Planner
(707) 259-5936
[email protected]