NBRID - WTP About Us

The Napa Berryessa Resort Improvement District (NBRID) provides water and wastewater service to the residents of Unit 1 and 2 of the Berryessa Highlands and to the Oakridge Estates in Napa.

View a map of the NBRID service area (PDF).

NBRID General Statistics

Average Annual Volume of Treated Water Produced11.5 Million Gallons
Average Annual Volume of Wastewater Treated10.5 Million Gallons
Number of Service Connections~230
Population Served~600
Water/Sewer Service Area Size260 acres
Water Treatment ProcessMicro-Filtration
Length of Water Mains~33,000 ft
Sewer Treatment ProcessMembrane Biological Reactor
Length of Sewer Mains~29,000 ft

Contact Us

Division NumberEmail
Engineering(707) 259-8600
(707) 253-4351
[email protected]
OperationsPlant Office: (707) 966-2412
Main Office: (916) 553-4900
After Hours: (916) 584-1893
[email protected]
Billing(707) 259-8600[email protected]
Governing Board(707) 253-4386