Construction Information

Construction projects can be difficult because all jurisdictions have different requirements. We take pride in ensuring that we are providing our contractors and property owners with information of what our requirements are for new construction projects, checklists and construction details ahead of time. Below you will find information for residential and commercial projects. We are here to assist you if you have any questions about a project proposal or construction project. Simply call (707) 299-1464   



NFPA Forms 

Helpful Links

The Napa County Municipal Code Amendments to the California Fire Code can be found here: Chapter 15.32 - FIRE CODE | Code of Ordinances | Napa County, CA | Municode Library

The California Building and Fire Codes can be found here: Codes (

The NFPA codes can be viewed online for free here: Free access NFPA codes and standards

The Napa County Road and Street Standards can be found here: Engineering Division | Napa County, CA (