Napa County Monopole Project, RDS 21-22


Project Scope

Illumination Technologies California (ITC) and the County of Napa are collaborating to install sensors to detect wildfires and cellular communication towers to improve communications in Napa County. In February 2021, the County began preparing environmental studies and documents required by a California Environmental Quality Act to install 11 IQ FireWatch sensors and 23 telecommunication and broadband monopoles.

If the Board of Supervisors approves the CEQA document and an agreement with ITC, then ITC will construct IQ FireWatch poles on private property with the sensors set 15 feet above treetops in October 2021. The approximately 50 feet to 90 feet tall fire-sensing technology would benefit the County through early warning of a wildfire start in Napa County. The sensors will rotate at the top of the pole to locate smoke plumes and will not have telecommunication equipment on the poles. 

The monopoles are approximately 60 to 80 feet tall, at various locations on the County's road rights-of-way, and will house telecommunication equipment. The monopoles will be substantially similar to the monopole already installed on Petrified Forest Road, which is approximately two miles west of Highway 29 and near the Sonoma County line. The monopoles would improve broadband connectivity, cellular telephone coverage and resiliency in and around the valley floor, Pope Valley, Berryessa Estates, the north end of Lake Berryessa, Berryessa Highlands, Moskowite Corners and Circle Oaks. When ITC leases space on a monopole to telecommunication companies, ITC will construct a monopole, which could happen over the next five years.

IQ FireWatch Specification