Inmate Mail

Persons confined at the Napa County Department of Corrections Jail are permitted to send and receive unlimited letters to maintain communication with family, friends, and their legal representatives.   If there is good cause, mail will be opened and checked.  Mail regarding the courts and attorneys is considered confidential, and will only be checked in the presence of the inmate.      

Mail is received and processed at the jail five days a week, Monday through Friday, except holidays.  Incoming mail shall be addressed on a plain envelope as follows, or it will be rejected by the jail:


Inmate Full Name and PID Number
c/o Napa County Department of Corrections
1125 Third Street
Napa, CA 94559


Full Name
Full Address

All magazines, newspapers, periodicals, books (paperback only) must come directly from the publisher or bookstore, or a verifiable and reputable internet/mail order company.  Hard plastic/metal items, including the binding is prohibited.  Note: Hardbound books will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Any reading material that would disrupt the safety and security of the facility, including weapons manufacturing, explosives, drugs, escape, or violence toward staff and other inmates and any sexually explicit material that depicts nudity or partial nudity are prohibited and/or anything considered illegal activity.  Note:  Book size is limited to 8.5” x 11”. 

Only mail that is on lined paper, plain paper, or postcards (which are not cardstock thickness) may be accepted.  The following is prohibited:

  • Bulk mail, blank paper, blank envelopes or stamps
  • Envelopes that are stained, overly dirty, or have any foreign substances
  • More than 10 photographs (no polaroids or photos larger than 5” x 7”)
  • Magazines, newspapers, periodicals, books (paperback) did not come directly from the publisher or bookstore or a verifiable and reputable internet/mail order company
  • Material threatens or is detrimental to the safety and security of the institution
  • Gang related material, photos, depicting gangs, weapons, drugs, fighting techniques, unlawful activities
  • No foreign/unidentified substances, lip prints, fragrances/perfume, adhesives, tape, sticky substances, stickers, etc.
  • Contains items written or drawn in crayon, or has been treated with, glitter, ribbon, cords, strings and/or other items that could be easily misidentified, etc.
  • Contains escape plans and/or other information related to escape
  • Provides technical/detailed information on security systems, equipment, and practices used in the correctional field
  • Contains instructional and/or “how to” material for committing illegal activities
  • Depicts or describes the procedures for constructing or using weapons, ammunition, bombs, and/or other destructive devices, or includes life sized photographs, graphic illustrations of the items
  • Provides instructions on martial arts, fighting techniques, and/or how to disable/disarm others
  • Contains publications or documents that have been altered  
  • Greeting cards larger than 5” x 7”, or containing sound-making devices
  • Anything gang related or hate oriented material 
  • Advocates violence against others and/or overthrow of authority  
  • Correspondence from inmates/prisoners from any institution 
  • Cannot contain information that could create a risk of physical harm to the individual or another person or another person if the communication were allowed.  
  • Nude or partially nude drawings or photos, or material that encourages sexual behavior  
  • Contains metal, plastic or hard surface.
  • Information regarding law enforcement, military or jail procedures or operations 
  • Anything containing instructional and/or “how to” material for committing illegal activities
  • Correspondence in code or third party
  • Anything containing threats of physical harm, blackmail or mail that violates a No Contact or Protective Order
  • Any gum, candy or food items  
  • Cash, checks, or money orders
  • Any other material deemed inappropriate

All mail determined to be contraband will be returned marked “Return to Sender”, with an explanation for the return.  Any Publisher whose material is sent to a named inmate and is rejected for delivery shall be provided written notice of an administrative appeal process.  The written notice will be sent within 15 days of the decision to reject the material and include the administrative process to appeal the decision.