Example Fees For Common PBES Projects

The following list includes examples for the average job values and correlating fees charged for common project types from 2020 to 2021. Each project type below provides an itemized pdf statement to give applicants an estimated cost of the permit fees (based on the fee schedule, effective July 2019). Examples are provided for informational purposes only; actual permit fees may vary based on the specific scope of each individual project.

*Failure to obtain an appropriate permit before the start of construction could result in a penalty of 400% of the building inspection fee. See example Alteration to Main Dwelling with Code Violation for penalty amount.

**Fire rebuilds may be eligible for a fee reduction. Visit Step 4: Obtain Permit for more information for fire rebuilds. 

 Building - Commercial Project Types Average Job Value Average Fees
New or Alteration to Electrical                                                      $13,000 $740
Generator $79,000 $2,307
New or Alteration to Solar/Photovoltaic (Avg. 45 KW)     $130,000 $1,211
Alteration to Commercial Building $82,000 $5,713
New Utility Building to Commercial (Storage) $105,000 $9,120
New or Alteration to Mechanical/HVAC $56,000 $1,243
Roof Replacement $56,000 $1,583
Planning Project Types Average Fees
Administrative Permit for Signage/Entry Gate                                                                $1,571
Administrative Permit for Home Occupation $160
Pre-Application Meeting $1,022
Use Permit for Minor Modifications $6,983
Use Determination $2,129
Admin ViewShed $2,446
ECP Track I $12,770
ECP Track II (Replant) $1,302
Engineering Project Types Average Fees
Grading - Exempted                                                                                                        $230
Grading - Extension $146
Grading - Mass $1,435
Grading - Reservoir $6,739
Floodplain $255
Environmental Project Types Average Fees
Sewage System / Tank Only                                                                                     $383
Sewage System / Repair $1,064
Sewage System / Sewer Line $383
Sewage System / ASTS New Install $1,557
Site Evaluation $360
Soil Borings $265
Water Wells / Class I $547
Water Wells / Well Destruction $104
Water Wells / Class I with Destruction $547