County Service Area No. 4


In 2002, the Board of Supervisors established County Service No. 4 (CSA 4) pursuant to the County Service Area Law Government Code sections 25210.1 et seq (“County Service Area Law”), as a mechanism for providing certain miscellaneous extended services pertaining to farmworker housing in the County of Napa.

Owners of land containing at least one acre of planted vineyards were assessed at $10.00 per planted vineyard acre per year. In 2017, the State Legislature approved an amendment to Government Code Sections 25210.4h to increase the maximum assessment to $15.00 per planted vineyard acre, if needed. The annual assessment rate of $10.00 per planted vineyard acre will increase by $1.00 each fiscal year until the $15.00 maximum assessment allowed. In addition, as the assessment rate per planted vineyard acre increases $1.00 per year so will the tenant rental rate increase by $1.00 per day until the maximum assessment equals $15.00. In other words, any increase to the assessment is tied to a corresponding increase in tenant rental rates. 

The miscellaneous extended services (collectively “Services”) which may be funded by revenues generated via CSA No. 4 include any or all of the following: 

  1. Acquiring farmworker housing;
  2. Building farmworker housing; 
  3. Leasing farmworker housing; and
  4. Providing maintenance or operations for farmworker housing owned or leased by a public agency whose principal purpose is to develop or facilitate the development of farmworker housing in Napa County. 

The approved Assessments could only remain in effect for a period of five years, unless reauthorized by qualifying property owners for an additional five-year period.

CSA No. 4 reauthorization years: 2007, 2012, 2017, 2022

In order to identify those property owners from whom consent should be sought to reauthorize the Assessments for an additional five years, the Board caused to be prepared a written Engineer's Report ("Report") with respect to the Assessments prepared by a professional engineer certified by the State of California. 

The Report includes a description of each parcel of real property receiving any of the Services and the amount of assessment for such parcel computed in conformity with County Service Area law and Napa County Code sections 3.12.030 and 3.12.040. 

Annual Report

See the CSA #4 Engineer’s Report FY 2023-2024.

Renewal Process (Every Five Years)

Step 1: Engineers Report 

Step 2: Acceptance of Report, Mailing of Ballots and Setting of Public Hearing 

Step 3: Public Hearing: 

The authorization to renew the CSA No. 4 levy must be renewed every five years. Prior to re-levying the Assessments, the Napa County Board of Supervisors holds a public hearing at which it considers all objections and protests to the proposed Assessments and allows affected property owners the opportunity to submit, change, or withdraw their ballots. 

Step 4: Tabulation of Vote

At the conclusion of the public hearing and at the direction of the Board, all voted ballots are tabulated, and certified. The CSA 4 Assessment is successful when the majority of weighted ballots are supportive of reauthorization. At that time, the Board may adopt a resolution imposing the Assessments for the current fiscal year and reauthorization for an additional five-year period, if/when applicable. In the event a majority of weighted votes are in opposition, the Assessments may not be imposed by CSA 4.

Additional Annual Revenue Sources 

CSA No. 4 was formed with the understanding that the assessment revenue would contribute meaningfully to, but not be sufficient to fully cover, annual maintenance and operational costs for the three Farmworker Centers (Centers) owned by the Napa County Housing Authority (Authority). Additional funding comes from the State of California and Napa County as well as donations and philanthropic contributions. The Centers are encumbered under the Joe Serna Junior Farmworker Grant Program (“Serna Program” or “Serna”). In 2019, the Department of Housing and Community Development through its Office of Migrant Services awarded the Centers up to $250,000 annually for a term not to exceed ten years for the purpose of assisting in the financing, maintenance, and operation of the Centers. 

Napa County Housing Authority

Napa County Housing Authority (Authority), a public housing authority established pursuant to California Health and Safety Code section 342000 et seq., is the owner and operator of three farmworker housing centers (Centers) located in Napa County:

  1. River Ranch, located at 1109 Silverado Trail, St. Helena
  2. The Calistoga Center, located at 3996 N. St Helena Highway, Calistoga
  3. The Mondavi Center, located at 5585 Silverado Trail, Napa

The Authority has an Agreement with California Human Development Corporation (CHDC), a nonprofit corporation, to manage the day-to-day activities at the three County-owned Centers. CHDC onsite staff are responsible for day-to-day oversight and operational management of the Centers, which includes preparation of three meals six-days per week, daily cleaning/janitorial services, maintenance of a growing garden at each Center, collection of nightly lodger fees and for general upkeep and maintenance of the facilities. The current rental rate for each farmworker is $15 per day, which includes a shared room, three meals daily (Monday through Saturday), a laundry facility, BBQs, and rec room with access to library, pool tables, Wi-Fi, and television. 

For more information visit: NAPA COUNTY HOUSING AUTHORITY