Privacy Practices

Napa County Health and Human Services Agency is committed to safeguarding our client’s sensitive information. We adhere to confidentiality rules and best practices. Some of our regular privacy activities include:

  • Privacy Incident Investigations
  • Privacy Breach Analysis
  • Privacy Gap Analysis

In addition, we ensure clients seeking health services are informed of our Notice of Privacy Practices, which describes your rights and certain obligations we have regarding the use and disclosure of health information. Please contact our Medical Records Unit if you need assistance with your health records.

To receive more information about our Privacy Practices, please contact our Napa County Compliance and Privacy Officer.

To report a potential privacy violation, please use our Compliance Hotline.

  1. Compliance and Privacy Officer

  2. Latoya Akil

    Deputy Director of HHSA - Quality Management & Napa County Compliance and Privacy Officer
    Additional Phone: Compliance Hotline: 877-237-7319