Adult Online Reporting System

The purpose of the online reporting system is to allow first or low risk offenders the opportunity to report to probation through an online form, instead of in person.

If you are placed on the Adult Online Reporting System, you are required to submit the online form shown below by the 15th of every month. If you do not have access to the internet, you have the option of completing a paper reporting form and submitting it in person at the Napa County Adult Probation Division, located at 1125 Third St, Second Floor, in Napa. You can access the paper form by clicking here or by retrieving a copy at our office. Failure to submit the form may lead to a requirement for in-person office visits or a violation of probation.

Please fill out the form in full. If you do not know your Personal Identification Number (PID), please contact our office at 707-253-4431. For any further questions, please call the main line and ask to speak with your assigned officer.

Napa County Probation - Offender Reporting

  1. Enter changes to previously reported home and or mailing address. If no change, enter "NO Change".

    Entre cambios en domicilio. Si no hay cambios, entre, No Cambio.

  2. Enter changes to previously reported home, cell or work phone numbers.  If no change, enter "NO Change".

    Si no hay cambios, entre No Cambio

  3. Describe the reason for contact, date of contact and name of law enforcement agency. If no contact, enter "NO Contact".

    Describe el tipo de contacto con policia y la fecha de contacto, Si no hubo contacto, entre No contacto. 
    Si no habido contacto, entre No Contacto.

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