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Napa's Suggested Firewise Plant List

Although there are no fireproof plants, the following is a list of plants, which have a higher fire resistance than many now in the landscape. These species are recommended for landscaping in high-risk fire areas. Landscape maintenance is far more important to fire prevention than selection of plant materials, but you can get a leg up by avoiding pyrophytic plants – which are not on this list. When planning your landscape, consider the characteristics of the site such as slope, aspect, shade, and precipitation rate and amount that your site receives in making final plant selections. When in doubt, ask your local nursery for recommendations.


Valued natives / Common name

Acer macrophyllum / Big Leaf Maple

Aesculus California/  California Buckeye

Alnus rhombifolia / White Alder

Cornus nuttalli / Pacific Dogwood

Juglans hindsi / Black Walnut

Platanus racemose / California Sycamore

Prunus spp. / Stone Fruits

Quercus spp. / Oaks

Sequoia sempervirens / Coast Redwood

Ornamental Garden Trees / Common name

Acer spp. / Maple

Arbutus unedo / Strawberry Bush

Catalpa spp. / Catalpa

Cercis occidentalis / Western Redbud

Cercocarpus betuloides / Mountain Mahogany

Cinnamomum camphora / Camphor

Citrus spp. / Citrus

Fagus spp. / Beech

Feijoa sellowiana / Pineapple Guava

Fraxinus spp. / Ash

Ginkgo biloba / Maidenhair

Gleditsia triacanthos / Honey Locust

Koelreuteria bipinnata / Chinese Flame

Lagerstroemia indica / Crape Myrtle

Liquidambar spp. / Sweetgum

Liriodendron tulipifera / Tulip

Macadamia hybrids / Macadamia

Magnolia spp. / Magnolia

Metasequoia glyptostroboides / Dawn Redwood

Metrosideros excelsus / New Zealand Xmas

Myoporum spp. / Myoporum

Olea europa / Olive

Pistacia spp. / Chinese Pistache

Pittosporum spp. / Pittosporum

Populus spp. / Poplar

Rhus spp. / Sumac

Robinia pseudoacacia / Black Locust

Schinus spp. / Pepper Tree

Ulmus spp. / Elm

Native Wildland Plants / Common name

Brugmansia spp. / Datura

Buddleia spp. / Butterfly Bush

Carpenteria californica /Bush Anemone

Convolvulus eneorum / Bush Morning Glory

Cotoneaster spp. / Cotoneaster

Dendromecon rigida / Bush Poppy

Domestic Garden Shrubs / Common name

Escallonia spp. / Escallonia

Garrya spp. / Silk Tassel

Heteromeles arbutifolia Toyon / Christmas Berry

Lavatera spp. / Mallow

Ligustrum spp. / Privet

Mahonia spp. / Mahonia

Nerium oleander / Oleander

Nolina spp. / Grass Tree

Osteospermum fruiticosum / Trailing African Daisy

Punica granatum / Pomegranate

Pyracantha spp. / Firethorn

Rhamnus alaterus / Italian Buckthorn

Rhamnus spp. / Buckthorn Coffeeberry

Rhaphiolepis spp. / Hawthorn

Rhododendron (Azalea spp.) / Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Ribes spp. / Currant

Simmondsia chinensis / Jojoba

Solanum umbellifeum / Nightshade or Potato Vine

Thymus serpyllum / Creeping Thyme

Trachelospermum spp. / Star Jasmine

Vinca spp. / Periwinkle

Yucca spp. / Yucca


Perennial / common name

 Achillea spp. / Yarrow

Agapanthus spp. / Lily of the Nile

Bergenia spp. / Bergenia

Centaurea cineraria / Dusty Miller

Centranthus rubber / Red Valerian

Coreopsis spp. / Coreopsis

Dietes spp. / African Iris Fortnight Lily

Erigeron spp. / Mexican Daisy Fleabane

Geranium spp. / Geranium

Hemerocallis hybrids / Daylily

Hesperaloe / Red Yucca

Heuchera spp. / Coral Bells/Alum Root

Iris spp. / Iris

Kniphofia spp. / Red Hot Poker

Lantana spp. / Lantana

Lavandula spp. / Lavender

Mimulus spp. / Monkey Flower

Sisyrinchium spp. / Blue-Eyed Grasses

Stachys byzantine / Lamb’s Ear

Strelitzia reginae / Bird of Paradise

Tulbaghia violacea / Society Garlic

Zantedeschia spp. / Calla

Zauschneria spp. / Fuchsia

Succulents / Common name

Delosperma spp. / Iceplant

Echeveria spp. / Hens & Chicks

Sedum spp. / Stonecrop/Donkey Tail

Non-Succulents / Common name

Achillea spp. / Yarrow

Ajuga spp. / Carpet Bugle

Armeria maritime / Common Thrift

Coprosma spp. / Coprosma

Duchesnea indica / Mock Strawberry

Festuca spp. / Fescue

Liriope spp. / Lily Turf

Myoporum parvifolium / Parvifolium