National Recovery Month

rainbow ribbonFor more than a decade, the ADS Division has hosted a Recovery Resource Fair that is open to anyone and everyone. In 2021, as Covid-related restrictions allowed, more than two dozen service and community providers participated in the activities of the fair by sharing resources and building connections with community members and HHSA staff. In addition to resources, the fair will include a complimentary lunch, arts and crafts, raffle, music, and games. The Recovery Fair will take place on September 29th, at the HHSA Campus.  

Many months throughout the year that are recognized for a specific cause have a ribbon of a certain color associated with them. Napa's Alcohol and Drug Services selected their own color that is significant for people on their recovery journey. They chose tie-dye as the color to represent Recovery Month because, like tie dye, each recovery journey is uniquely colorful and want to embrace the complexity and potential for messiness that comes along with it. It is only through the struggle and overcoming barriers and challenges that something beautiful and remarkable as an individual's recovery can be born.

National Recovery Month Events

September is National Recovery Month

Article by Amanda Jones

Today, more than 20 million Americans are recovering from substance use disorder. Whether they are parents, children, siblings, neighbors, co­workers, or friends, many of us are close to someone working to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Recovery month is a national observance held every September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life. This observance reinforces the positive message that behavioral health is essential to overall health, prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can and do recover.

Every September since 1992, the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) sponsors National Recovery Month at the California State Capitol where thousands gather to increase awareness and understanding of mental health and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. Included in the fellowship and activities of the day this year, was an address by well­ known actor, Danny Trejo, who has been sober for more than 50 years. ADS staff supported their program participants to attend this event as a means to reinforce and celebrate the difficult work they are doing on their journey to recovery. 

HHSA's Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) programs strive to shine a spotlight on awareness and access to services that support the National Recovery month theme "Every Person. Every Family. Every Community" through outreach, education, and recovery-focused events. We work closely with our local community partners including Aldea (Youth Treatment) and Center Point (Withdrawal Management and Residential Treatment) to provide a wide array of treatment options for substance abuse that are familiar to so many of our Napa residents.