NBRID Wastewater Pond No. 2 Slope Stabilization Project, NB 22-01

Project Scope

The Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District (LBRID) is seeking contractors to purchase and install two stand-by generators for two existing water system pump stations (one at each location) located at different locations of Harness Drive in Pope Valley.  Scope of work is includes site work as shown on the conceptual site plans, connection site plans, connection to existing manual transfer switches, and start-up and testing services.


Each Contractor bidding on the project shall possess a Class "A" or "C-10" license and be registered with the DIR at the time of bid opening.  The Engineer's estimate for construction is $90,000.

Bid Documents

The Notice to Contractors and the Plans and Specifications are in the links below. The project was awarded on October 27, 2022 to Eakle Construction of Pope Valley, CA for t heir low base bid of $284,034 with Additive Alternate No. 1 for $30,177 for a total construction contract of $314,212.