Campbell Creek Fish Passage, RDS 22-01


  • Status: Design
  • Contact: Frank Lucido
  • Publish Date: December 1, 2022

Project Scope

Napa County is proposing to replace the existing Dry Creek Road Culvert at the mouth of Campbell Creek that conveys the water in Campbell Creek beneath Dry Creek Road into Dry Creek along the south edge of the paved roadway. The culvert is undersized for flood stage flows and is a barrier to fish passage. The Campbell Creek Culvert Replacement is a proposal by Napa County to replace the existing culvert, an 85-foot-long, 72-inch-diameter corrugated metal pipe, with a bottomless arch bridge precast culvert. In addition to replacement of the culvert, the proposed project would improve the hydrologic function of Campbell Creek at the culvert’s outlet and along approximately 160 linear feet of creek upstream of the culvert’s inlet by resolving channel incision and reconnecting the creek to its historical floodplain. The existing culvert is approximately 100 feet from the intersection of Dry Creek Road and Oakville Grade Road and immediately east of the Lokoya Fire Station at 5900 Dry Creek Road. The total footprint of the area where project activity would take place, inclusive of the work area along Campbell Creek as well as the areas identified for equipment staging and storage, is approximately 0.449 acre (19,558 square feet). The project includes a revegetation plan, proposing to replant new vegetation including native trees, shrubs, herbs and seed mixes.