Compliance Program

Compliance Program

Napa County Health and Human Services Agency is committed to providing quality and efficient client care; high standards of ethical, professional, and business conduct; and full compliance with all applicable federal and state laws affecting the delivery or payment for health and social services provided by HHSA and its contractors. Its Compliance Program has been structured to align with recommendations made by the Federal HHS OIG and the Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program. These seven elements include:

  1. Written Standards
  2. Compliance Officer & Committee
  3. Training and Education
  4. Developing Effective Lines of Communication
  5. Auditing and Monitoring
  6. Enforcement Standards
  7. Response & Corrective Action
  1. Compliance and Privacy Officer

    Physical Address
    2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive
    Napa, CA 94559

  2. Latoya Akil

    Deputy Director of HHSA - Quality Management & Napa County Compliance and Privacy Officer
    Additional Phone: Compliance Hotline: 877-237-7319