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Access your account through Customer Connect, California’s self-service, child support case information system.

Paternity Establishment

Find information about the process of determining the legal father of a child.

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Find answers to many frequently asked questions about Child Support Services.

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$35 Annual Service Fee

Under federal law, California Department of Child Support Services is required to charge a yearly $35 service fee for certain, “Private” cases. If the fee applies to you, you will receive an annual service fee assessment notice in October for each case that the fee applies to. For more information, please view this California Department of Child Support Services video about the requirement. 

Non-Custodial Parents Information

Calculate Arrears Payoff

This calculation represents an estimate for paying off past due child support in California.

Drivers License Release Program

If your driver license is suspended because of child support debt, you may be able to buy it back.