Steele Canyon 6.4 Slide Repair, RDS 23-27


  • Status: Bidding
  • Contact: Frank Lucido
  • Publish Date: May 19, 2023

Project Scope

The project will be commenced along sections of the following Napa County road: Steele Canyon Road MPM 6.4 (near 1267 Steele Canyon Road). 

The proposed repair is to demolish the roadway and utilities, excavate the site and build up a reinforced soil slope buttress. A drainage wall consisting of drain rock wrapped in filter fabric will be installed to intercept water in the future. A 6” AC water line will be replaced with a new 6” plastic line and new water laterals installed to replace the temporary service that exists. The existing sewage lift station shall be relocated to it’s original position prior to the slide and a new control panel (panel provided by County) and piping installed. New roadway base, grinding and paving as shown on the plans are included.

Engineer estimate: $850,000. The Contractor shall possess a Class A license at the time of contract award.

Bid Documents

The plans and specifications are available for viewing or download. The Mandatory bidder's list has been added.