August is Child Support Awareness Month

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Different Wants, Different Needs, One Shared Goal

Did you know that Napa County Child Support Services received California State recognition in 2023? Watch this video to find out why.

The Napa County Department of Child Support Services is celebrating Child Support Awareness month. This year our focus is to highlight our shared objective: the children. 

Child Support Services understands that every co-parent has different wants and needs for their children, but all have the same shared goal: to see those children thrive. 

Children need and deserve the love, care, and support of both parents and Child Support Services is dedicated to assisting parents with services available to dads, moms, and legal guardians, designed to be neutral, helpful, and fair. 

Co-parents navigating the legal system of child support can enroll online or inquire at any of the 47 local agencies statewide for help with every phase of the process, including adapting support orders to changed circumstances and in some cases, avoiding the court process entirely.

During Child Support Awareness Month, it is important to remember that every family, in all their diverse shapes and sizes, has different wants and needs, but we all have the same shared goal: protecting and uplifting the generations of our future.

Learn more about our services by using these links and viewing the videos below:

Direct online access to California Child Support Services (Customer Connect login)

E-mail: If you do not know your case manager’s email, please contact us to request the information. In your email, please include your contact information and the name of your case manager. This email box is checked multiple times a day. Email Napa County Child Support Services.

What is Child Support?

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Napa County Child Support Services Receives State Recognition