NBRID Wastewater Disposal Sprayfields, NB 23-02

  • Status: Bidding
  • Contact: Chris Silke
  • Publish Date: September 14, 2023

Project Scope

The primary objective of the project is to assemble a land disposal irrigation network or pipes, valves, fittings and spray guns to apply treated wastewater effluent on District owned property. Scope includes a buried tie-in with existing tar coated steel pipe, 6” aluminum transmission pipe, 6” fittings and valves, a Pond 1 transfer discharge connection with semi-rigid hose, 4” aluminum lateral pipe, 4” fittings and valves, concrete thrust restraint blocks, spray guns and appurtenances to make lateral connections, vegetative thinning of uplands for irrigation system maintenance and access, demolition, grading of access road bank transitions into the sprayfields, mobilization / demobilization and start-up / testing of the irrigation system.


Each Contractor bidding on the project shall possess a Class "A" or "C-36" license and be registered with the DIR at the time of bid opening.  The Engineer Estimate: $487,500.

Bid Documents

The Notice to Contractors and the Plans and Specifications are in the links below. Mandatory sign in sheet has been posted. Addendum 1 has been added.

LocationTotal Base Bid
Pleasanton, CA$435,987.13
Eakle Construction
Pope Valley, CA$491,683.64
Pipe & Plant Solutions
San Leandro, CA