Examples of Napa County facilities: library, airport, fire station, re-entry center

Napa County has commenced the first phase of an extensive facilities master planning process, focusing on its properties in downtown Napa and the Napa Valley Corporate Drive south campus. Napa County is committed to making this process inclusive and community-driven and community members were invited to provide their input at a Virtual Town Hall on November 14. The Town Hall was conducted in both English and Spanish.

This long-term facilities-planning initiative, led by the experienced design, planning and strategy firm, Gensler, aims to provide a comprehensive roadmap for future investments in County-owned facilities. Gensler has conducted a series of data collection activities, including site tours, interviews and workshops with County leadership and staff, as well as an all-staff survey. These activities have been instrumental in gaining valuable insights into the County's long-term space needs. 

The primary objective of the Town Hall was to update the community on the project's current status and gather feedback. Community insights will be invaluable in shaping the future of County facilities, ensuring they meet the needs of Napa County residents.

Watch the video recording of the Town Hall meeting

PLEASE NOTE: The video embedded above starts after the title slides, the introductions, and the instructions for live Zoom participants.
You can view the entire video from the start on YouTube here. Speaking begins on the full video at 4:26 minutes in.