Roads Update: 2023-2024

Release date: Dec. 4, 2023

In 2023, Napa County raised its Pavement Condition Index (PCI) from 45 to 53. While we still have a long way to go, this happened because the county made substantial investments in our road infrastructure, allocating approximately $35 million to enhance our local roads. The year marked a significant milestone as we successfully paved over 45 miles of roads, setting a new record for our county. Moreover, we addressed the aftermath of previous storms by repairing 10 major landslides and replaced 3350 feet of guardrail. In addition to these endeavors, several smaller projects were completed to enhance our local road network.

Berryessa Highlands - After Chip Seal

Berryessa Highlands - After Chip Seal was applied to the road surface

Another important development in 2023 was the initiation of the Soscol Junction project, coordinated with our partners at the Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA). This transformative project, scheduled for completion in 2024, holds the promise of alleviating a major congestion point within the county, improving traffic flow for residents and commuters.

Collaborating with Napa Firewise, we undertook a critical effort to clear vegetation and flammable materials from extensive stretches of key roadways. These improved corridors will serve as crucial routes for fire and law enforcement personnel and for residents evacuating during wildfire emergencies.

In 2023, the following roads underwent substantial paving:

Monticello Park Area:
1. Arroyo Sarco
2. Bell Ln.
3. Hestia Wy.
4. Jerome Wy.
5. Loraine Dr.
6. Rose Dr.
7. Rosemont Cir.
8. Ross Cir.
9. Woodmont Dr.
10. Woodside Dr.

Silverado/Atlas Peak Area:
11. Atlas Peak Rd.
12. Inverness Dr.
13. Kaanapali Dr.
14. Prestwick Dr.
15. Silver Trail 

Coombsville Area:
16. First Ave.
17. Heinke Dr.
18. North Ave.

Angwin Area:
19. Howell Mountain Rd.

20. Diamond Mountain Rd.
21. South Fork Diamond Mountain Rd.
22. Dry Creek Rd.
23. Green Island Rd.
24. Silverado Trail (Calistoga to Larkmead)
25. Lawley Toll Rd.
26. Petrified Forest Rd.
27. Whitehall Ln.

Lake Berryessa Area: 
28. Arroyo Linda Ct. 
29. Bahia Vista Ct. 
30. Berryessa Knoxville Rd. 
31. Black Oak Ln. 
32. Cape Cod Ct. 
33. Clearwater Ct. 
34. Eastridge Dr. 
35. Headlands Dr. 
36. Jasmine Ct. 
37. Kona Ct. 
38. Manzanita Ln. 
39. Neptune Ct. 
40. Noah Cot. 
41. Parkview Ln. 
42. Poppy Ln. 
43. Red Rock Ln. 
44. Rimrock Dr. 
45. Spanish Flat Loop Rd. 
46. Steele Canyon Rd. 
47. Westridge Dr. 
48. Woodhaven Ct.

Repaired slides caused by previous storms: (*MPM = Mile post marker)

49. Dry Creek Rd. MPM 11.6
50. Dry Creek Rd. MPM 9.75
51. Mt. Veeder Rd. MPM 1.0 & 1.1
52. Mt. Veeder Rd. MPM 3.75
53. Mt. Veeder Rd. MPM 6.15
54. Mt. Veeder Rd. MPM 6.25
55. Redwood Rd. MPM 4.5
56. Diamond Mountain Rd. MPM 1.1 
57. Steele Canyon Rd. MPM 6.4
58. Livermore Rd. MPM 1.25
59. Lawley Toll Rd. MPM 2.6

BEFORE: Steele Canyon slide repair (MPM 6.4)

Before - Steele Canyon slide repair

AFTER: Steele Canyon slide repair (MPM 6.4)

After - Steele Canyon slide repair

BEFORE: Dry Creek Road (MPM 11.6 )

BEFORE: landslide has badly damaged one side of the road (DCR 11.6)

AFTER: Dry Creek Road (MPM 11.6 )

AFTER: landslide damage to road has been repaired (DCR 11.6)

In 2024, Napa County will continue our steadfast commitment to improving our road infrastructure. We have designated this year as the “Year of the Crossroad,” and we are embarking on ambitious plans to rehabilitate several essential connectors that link the east and west sides of the valley, including:

Crossroads repairs:

  • Bale Ln. 
  • Bennett Ln. 
  • Dunaweal Ln. 
  • El Centro Ave. 
  • Finnell Rd. 
  • Larkmead Ln. 
  • Lodi Ln. 
  • Oakville Crossroad
  • Salvador Ave. 
  • Tubbs Ln. 
  • Yountville Crossroad

Landslide repairs:

  • Redwood Rd. MPM 5.76
  • Redwood Rd. MPM 1.0
  • Oakville Grade MPM 1.35
  • Mt. Veeder Rd. MPM 3.99

 Other paving locations:

  • Orchard Ave. and a nearby portion of Solano Ave.
  • Silverado Trail (Deer Park to Larkmead)
  • All roads in the Berryessa Estates
  • Pope Valley Rd. and Butts Canyon Rd. (Aetna Springs to Snell)
  • South Kelly Rd. (SR 29 to Devlin) and Tower Rd.
  • Lawley Toll Rd. (lower 1 mile)
  • Diamond Mtn Rd. (phase 2)
  • Morlan Dr. 
  • Aetna Springs Rd.
  • Ink Grade Rd.

In addition, we will initiate the replacement of bridges on Partrick and Chiles Pope Valley roads. Construction will begin on a roundabout at Soscol Ferry and Devlin roads, which will seamlessly integrate with the Soscol Junction Project. 

It’s important to note that these crucial endeavors would not be feasible without the support of voters who approved Measure T (a 1/2 cent sales tax) and funding from SB 1 (gas tax). 


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