Napa Child Support Services

To the Parents We Serve:

Consistent and timely receipt of child support reduces child poverty, reduces the need for public assistance, and it has also been shown to improve educational outcomes for children.

The child support program encourages responsible parenting, family self-sufficiency and child well-being by locating parents, establishing paternity, and establishing, modifying, and enforcing support obligations. The program was enacted in January 1975 as Part D of Title IV of the Social Security Act (P.L. 93-647), but it has evolved from its original focus on the recoupment of welfare costs to a much more family-centered program. 

Napa County DCSS offers genetic testing at no cost for parents who wish to determine genetic parentage and we also provide the services for unmarried parents to legally establish parentage without going to Court. We enforce court orders by working with other governmental agencies and intervening, when necessary, in probate court, bankruptcy court, worker’s compensation court and other proceedings. We support both parents by seeking to modify the support obligations when there is a known change in circumstances, and we also provide monthly billing and accounting services.

In 2023 exciting changes to the child support program were introduced which aim to make the program even more supportive of families, including a historic shift that will take money that formerly went to government reimbursement and “pass it through” directly to the families. This will give additional money to the families who need it most.

As Director of Napa County Department of Child Support Services, I commend all parents who are doing the hard work of providing the emotional and financial support the children need to flourish. It’s an honor for both me and my staff to assist the families of Napa County on their journey.