Child Health & Disability Prevention Program

The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program offers preventive health services that identify and prevent disease and disabilities among low-income children and youth in Napa County. “Preventive health” means that we work to keep your children healthy before they get sick.

The Program Offers:

  • Links to doctors and dentists who provide preventive health exams & dental screenings
  • Well-child exams, including school health exams and sports physicals
  • Health exam services include:
    • Vision test
    • Hearing test
    • Dental assessment
    • Immunizations (shots)
    • Nutritional assessment
    • Developmental assessment
    • Lab tests for anemia, blood lead poisoning and tuberculosis
    • Health education

Local CHDP

Frequency of the exam schedules are determined by the state CHDP program as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Your local CHDP program does not provide direct services. 

The program does:

  • Encourage families with low and moderate incomes to seek preventive health care for their children
  • Help children get well-child exams, including school health exams and sports physicals
  • Assist families with children who need healthcare for problems identified during the CHDP exam
  • Recruit new providers and conduct site visits to assure that the providers give quality well-child exams
  • Look for trends and work with the community to address specific health risks

Program Eligibility

  • Children with full scope Medi-Cal, without a share of cost, from birth through 20 years
  • Low- to moderate-income children from birth through 18 years
  • Children in Foster Care
  • Children in Head Start & State Preschool programs

How to Apply

Application for CHDP services is made at the office or clinic of an enrolled CHDP provider. To locate a CHDP provider in your area, contact your local CHDP program.


If you have questions, and you are a parent of a child under 21 years of age, contact us for more information.

For additional information on CHDP please visit the State website.