Business Services

Workforce Solutions

CareerPoint NAPA serves as a conduit that will connect businesses directly to the services they need to help businesses prosper. Whether business is looking to recruit talent, expand staff skills through education and training programs, or ease the transition for laid-off workers, CareerPoint NAPA has the tools, resources and expertise to help find the best solutions for your business.

Recruitment Services

Finding and hiring staff who match your business needs may be challenging. Whether you need to fill one position or fifty, hire entry-level personnel or a senior level executive, The Career Center business services can save you time and money. We can help by promoting your job openings to local job seekers. Or check out the Virtual One Stop System to match your job openings with hundreds of job seekers. Set up your account with CalJobs.

Tax credits

Save your company money and expand resources through available federal tax credits for hiring through our services. Find more information on tax credits.

On the Job Training

Designed to help employers offset the costs associated with training new employees. The employer hires from a selected pool of motivated, qualified, pre-screened applicants and trains the employee on-the-job…and gets reimbursed a percentage of the wages during the training period.

Job Fairs

Boost your recruitment power by hosting a table at one of our job fairs, where you can meet with a diverse and qualified pool of applicants in one convenient location.

Layoff Assistance

We can ease the transition for employees and management during downsizing, restructuring, or business closure. Laid off workers receive information on-site on the resources available to them. Unemployment Benefits, Retirement and Health Care options, employment services to help the worker become re-employed as quickly as possible, access to training opportunities to gain additional skills, and other community resources that might be needed during the layoff period.

More Information

For additional information on business services, contact our Businesses Services Team at 707-299-1768 or via email.