Policies & Procedures

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Self Sufficiency Documents

  1. 24 Month Welfare to Work Timeclock (PDF)
  2. Alcohol and Drug Services Referral (PDF)
  3. Behavioral Health Services (PDF)
  4. Breach of PII (PDF)
  5. Cal-Learn ICT (PDF)
  6. Cal-Learn Referral (PDF)
  7. Career Center Class Schedule (PDF)
  8. Case Conferencing (PDF)
  9. Case Documentation (PDF)
  10. CC Outreach events March 2014 (PDF)
  11. Child Support Reimbursement (PDF)
  12. CW 48-Month Time Limit (PDF)
  13. Debtors Rights Clinic English (PDF)
  14. Debtors Rights Clinic Spanish (PDF)
  15. Direct Deposit (PDF)
  16. Diversion Services (PDF)
  17. Domestic Abuse Protocol (PDF)
  18. Domestic Abuse Protocol (PDF)
  19. EBT Cash Exemption (PDF)
  20. EBT Cash Staggering Exemption (PDF)
  21. Electronic Bank Tranfser Cash Exemption (PDF)
  22. Electronic Bank Tranfser Cash Staggering Exemption (PDF)
  23. Emergency Child Care Diversion (PDF)
  24. Exempt Volunteers (PDF)
  25. Expanded Subsidized Employment (PDF)
  26. Expedited MC for FC Entrants (PDF)
  27. Family Stabilization Program (PDF)
  28. Field Visits (PDF)
  29. Fry vs Saenz (PDF)
  30. Good Cause Determination (PDF)
  31. Home Visits (PDF)
  32. Homeless Assistance (PDF)
  33. Housing Support Program (PDF)
  34. Immunization Process (PDF)
  35. Job Retention Services (PDF)
  36. Job Search Log and Mileage (PDF)
  37. Learning Disability Screening and Referral (PDF)
  38. Monthly Participant Timecard (PDF)
  39. Online School Courses (PDF)
  40. Public Charge Important Notice for Immigrants (PDF)
  41. Satisfactory Progress in Welfare to Work (PDF)
  42. SS Policy Change of Address - Returned Mail (PDF)
  43. SSI Advocacy (PDF)
  44. Supportive Service Payments (PDF)
  45. Supportive Services - Child Care (PDF)
  46. Teen Disincentive (PDF)
  47. The Work Number (PDF)
  48. Translation and Interpretation (PDF)
  49. Vocational Assessment (PDF)
  50. Voter Registration (PDF)
  51. Welfare to Work Flow (PDF)
  52. Welfare to Work Program Non-Compliance (PDF)
  53. Work Experience - Unpaid (PDF)
  54. Work Verification (PDF)