Housing Authority

The Napa County Housing Authority (NCHA) is focused primarily on addressing the need for safe and affordable housing for farm workers, particularly those in the migrant/seasonal category who, in turn, support the agricultural industry of Napa County. The three farm worker centers provide housing for an underserved, but critical, segment of our society. The New York Times profiled the program recently in a feature story

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Farmworker Centers

In March 2013, a final report was released detailing farmworker housing needs in Napa County. A focal point of the study is a survey of 350 local farmworkers to determine their housing needs. Currently, there are three publicly owned and operated farmworker housing centers in Napa County. Each center houses 60 workers and is open from 9 to 11 months per year. For information on housing availability at the centers, please call 707-963-7496.

Housing Commission

The Napa County Housing Commission (NCHC), an advisory body to the Housing Authority and Board of Supervisors, was reconstituted in late 2015 to expand its focus from overseeing the three migrant centers to including reviews of any project requesting funding from the County's Affordable Housing Fund.