Proximity Housing Homebuyer's Assistance Program

The program will provide down payment assistance of up to 16.5% in the form of a homebuyers’ assistance loan for qualified buyers toward an eligible property. The purpose of the program is to promote affordable workforce housing, while reducing greenhouse gasses and commutes for people who work in Napa County. The County is currently accepting applications for the Program. 


  • You or someone in your household works in the County of Napa; and
  • Your total household income does not exceed 120% of Napa County's median income for your household size

2022 Worker Proximity Housing Income Limit Calculation

Household SizeLow Income (80%)Median Income (100%)Max Income (120%)

How the Program Works

  • To see if you are eligible, review the requirements in the Proximity Housing Program Guidelines (PDF).
  • Eligible? Work with a mortgage lender of your choice for mortgage pre-approval, then complete and submit an Application packet to the County.
  • The County will choose applicants based on need and commute miles saved.
  • If you are selected, you’ll work with a realtor to find an eligible property within a 20-mile radius of your place of work.
  • Loans will be issued at close of escrow in the form of an equity share in the value of the property.

How to Apply

If you are interested, read the entire Proximity Housing Assistance Guidelines (PDF) and related materials for the full program details. The Proximity Housing Program materials include:

Work Proximity Housing Program Video


The Board of Supervisors established the Affordable Housing Fund in 1992 to ensure the development and preservation of affordable housing to very low-, low- and moderate-income Napa County residents. The Fund offsets the impact of new residential and nonresidential development on existing housing resources and provides a means for developers to pay for their fair share of affordable housing. The Affordable Housing Fund is used to construct, rehabilitate or subsidize very low, low, and moderate-income housing and/or assist other governmental entities, private organizations, or nonprofit affordable housing providers in the construction of such housing.

The County has loaned more than $12 million to help fund 28 projects and assisted in the construction of more than 725 units of affordable housing throughout Napa Valley. Developments range from single-family homes to townhomes and apartments. The Affordable Housing Fund is managed by the Housing and Intergovernmental Affairs Division of the Napa County Executive Office. Napa Valley Community Housing owns 13 projects in the portfolio comprising 427 housing units that are secured by a total of $7,124,938 in Napa County debt.

Additional Programs

California Rural Home Mortgage Finance Authority (CRHMFA) Homebuyers Fund (CHF) is a government-sponsored Joint Powers Authority that provides first and second Loan financing, as well as down-payment assistance grants to eligible California homebuyers. More recently, CHF has started providing low-interest-rate loans and grants to help homeowners make energy efficiency home improvements. For more information on CHF programs, visit the CHF website or call toll-free 855-740-8422.

For questions about the program, please call 707-253-4422, or email Proximity Housing.