Public Health Laboratory

The Public Health Laboratory offers bacterial testing for well-water safety and tick identification for Lyme disease upon request. Those who live, work, own property or visit in Napa County are eligible for laboratory testing.  The drop-off site is located at the Public Health Division in Building B at 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive in Napa.


Please make checks out to: Napa/Solano Public Health Laboratory.  We cannot accept cash or credit cards.

Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Well Water Testing Procedure

  • Pick up a kit at the Public Health Division.
  • The kit contains:
    • A container for your water specimen
    • A form to be submitted with the sample
  • After collecting the sample return the kit to the Public Health Division

Water Testing Resources

Tick Removal Procedure

  • If possible, have someone else remove the tick from you.
  • Use tweezers or forceps rather than your fingers.
  • If you must touch tick use a tissue or gloves to protect your hand.
  • Grasp the tick's mouthparts as close to the skin as possible.
  • Gently pull the tick straight out, steadily and firmly. Do not twist or jerk the tick.
  • If mouthparts of the tick break off and remain in your skin, consult your physician.

Tick Collection Procedure

  • Place tick into clean capped container or a zip-lock plastic bag. Place a piece of cotton or tissue moistened with tap water into the container with the tick. (Note: do not use alcohol, formalin or other liquids. Do not stick tick to scotch tape. These materials make testing for the Lyme organism unsatisfactory.)
  • Bring or ship tick to the laboratory as soon as possible
  • Complete a laboratory Tick Identification / Testing Form (PDF) or supply the following information:
    • Name, address and birth date of person bitten
    • Location of the bite (arm, neck, etc.)
    • Date tick removed
    • Estimated duration of time tick was attached (i.e. 4hrs, 24hrs, etc.)
    • Geographical location (what city, park, etc.) tick was obtained
    • Phone number, name and address of person to receive report
    • Any obvious symptoms

Tick Resources