Public Health Laboratory Tick and Water Testing

The Public Health Laboratory offers tick identification for Lyme disease and bacterial testing for well-water safety upon request. Those who live, work, own property, or visit in Napa County are eligible for laboratory testing.  

Drop-off Locations for Water and Tick Testing

Tick Testing

Tick Removal/Collection Procedure (PDF) 

Tick Testing Requisition Form (PDF) 

Fee: Please make checks payable to Napa/Solano Public Health Laboratory.
We cannot accept cash or credit cards.

Online Tick Payment

Pay Over the Phone: (707) 784-4410

Tick and Lyme Disease Information

Tick and Tick-Testing FAQs (PDF)  

Lyme Disease Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lyme Disease General Information Page

Well Water Testing

Well Water Testing Requisition Form (PDF)

Drinking-Water  – Bacteriology Testing Collection Instructions (PDF) 

Nitrate Water Testing (PDF)

Water Testing Fee Schedule (PDF)

Water Testing Resources (PDF)