Master Plans

Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) campus street renderingWhile Napa County has steadily increased its staff overtime, its facilities have not expanded proportionately. This has put increasing pressure on the existing facilities and on the County’s ability to continue providing high levels of customer service to its constituents. In an effort to most effectively use its resources, including space, buildings, people and funds, the County has embarked on a Facilities Master Plan process.

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Public Service

As a public agency, a foremost goal of the County is to effectively and efficiently provide high quality public service to constituents. Facilities have a big impact on the County’s ability to deliver high quality services. Factors such as location, branding and wayfinding, layout and access affect constituents’ ability to get the services they need.

Function & Efficiency

Creating spaces that enable County staff to effectively serve the public is a goal articulated by the steering committee. Achieving ideal function and efficiency in County facilities will require planning and reorganization.

Quality of Environment

The quality of County work spaces is not only vital to the health and well being of County employees, but it also projects a positive image of Napa County. High quality facilities instill pride in employees and constituents and project a message about quality of service provided within.

Cost Effectiveness

The steering committee established objectives to ensure County facilities are operating efficiently, and are managed for optimal use and cost effectiveness.