Adult Correctional System

Community Corrections Service Center DoorThe Adult Correctional System Master Plan has changed the way Napa County manages the criminal justice system by using evidence-based practices to effectively treat the offender population.The Criminal Justice Committee has worked over the last two years on the implementation of the Adult Correctional System Master Plan, which provides a model for the County to not only punish, but treat, correct and reduce offender behavior.


  • The use of evidence-based, research-tested practices and programs proven to reduce recidivism, improve re-entry outcomes, increase public safety and ultimately reduce the number of jail beds needed in the future;
  • The establishment of a quality assurance and outcome evaluation process that ensures that evidence-based practices are appropriately designed and implemented. and having the desired effect;
  • A commitment by all criminal justice partners to shared values on how the criminal justice system will operate and thus increase public safety; and
  • The development of a collaborative working group that openly communicates and addresses issue that arise not just in the corrections area but in all functions of the criminal justice system.


In 2004, in response to the jail regularly being at or near its rated capacity, the Board of Supervisors convened a Criminal Justice Committee consisting of the appointed and elected department heads of the County criminal justice and health and human services agencies; Superior Court judges and executives; and the City of Napa Police Department. The group was charged with identifying strategies to alleviate the impact of system practices on the jail. After four years of research, training, consultations and openly working through concerns and biases of various partners, the County has developed and implemented an Adult Correctional System Master Plan.