About Us


The mission of the Napa County District Attorney’s Office is to investigate and prosecute criminal and civil cases with integrity and fairness, to treat crime victims and witnesses with the highest level of respect and dignity, and to take a proactive role in crime prevention through community awareness and education. We review and prosecute criminal violations committed in Napa County, bring criminal and civil actions for environmental and consumer violations, protect and uphold the rights of victims and serve our community in various innovative ways.

Jurisdiction & Service

The District Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer in the County, responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes and civil cases on behalf of the people. Our jurisdiction covers nearly 800 square miles and provides services to our 140,000 Napa County residents as well as millions of visitors per year. The Napa County District Attorney’s Office has about 68 employees, consisting of a dedicated and professional team of attorneys, investigative staff, victim services staff, and administrative and clerical support staff.

Functions & Assignments

The District Attorney’s Office has five key functional areas, which include:

  • Criminal
  • Consumer Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Juvenile
  • Victim-Witness Services

We also have assignments specializing in the areas of:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Elder Abuse
  • Fraud
  • Gangs
  • Sexual Assault

The Napa County District Attorney’s Office favors vertical prosecution of felony criminal matters as a convenience to victims and witness and to ensure consistency and uniformity in the disposition of these cases.