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NEW! Well Permitting Standards for Napa County

NOTICE:  New Building Code Requirements:

  • All Building permit applications submitted are now being reviewed and permitted under the 2022 California Building Standards Code.
  • New Building Code Requirements went into effect June 17, 2021 to improve fire protection for all new residential construction and rebuilds. Please refer to Ordinance No. 1468 and Resolution 2021-50 for details.

NOTICE:  Expiration of COVID-19 Temporary Measures. At the onset of the COVID state of emergency, the Governor Newsom required businesses to ensure that all business activities were safely conducted with adequate physical distancing. In response, where permitted activities could not be conducted safely indoors, the County policy adopted under Resolution No. 2021-16 allowed businesses to conduct activities outdoors in temporary, alternate on-site areas to help maintain their existing business activities until the state of emergency was terminated. The County policy requires that businesses resume normal pre-COVID indoor activities by April 30, 2023, or for those that submitted a Notice of Intent to Participate in the temporary program who wish to retain temporary uses, participants would need to complete and submit an application for a Use Permit Modification by May 30, 2023. For additional details and guidance, please see the Frequently Asked Questions related to the expiration of Temporary COVID policies.

NOTICE: The Final Draft Napa County General Plan Safety Element is available for public review.

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