Napa County Jail Environmental Impact Report (EIR)


The County Jail Project includes acquiring property and constructing a new jail on approximately 15 to 20 acres in unincorporated Napa County. The new jail would be designed with an initial capacity of 366 beds, but would include core support facilities designed to accommodate expansion up to 526 beds in the event the County needs to add bed capacity at some point in the future. Ancillary facilities would include a storage and maintenance unit, administrative offices, food services, laundry, medical and mental health units, programming rooms, visiting areas, and inmate intake and release. Additionally, a staff-secure facility would be constructed to house 50 to 100 additional inmates, and would serve as a transitional step for inmates moving back to the community. The existing jail, located in downtown Napa, would remain in use as a day-holding facility for pre-trial inmates with Court appointments, and would also continue to accommodate County offices and meeting space.

A Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the County Jail Project has been prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Project Information

  • Application: P12-00023
  • Project Number: P12-00023
  • Project Class: County Projects
  • Related Applications: 
  • Parcel: 15-20 acres on one or two larger parcels located between Syar Napa Quarry and State Route 221, APN 046-370-021, 046-370-024
  • Address:

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Project Documents

  1. EIR 1 Introduction (PDF)
  2. EIR Acronymns and Abbreviations (PDF)
  3. EIR Aesthetics (PDF)
  4. EIR Air Quality (PDF)
  5. EIR Alternatives (PDF)
  6. EIR Appendix A Notice of Preparation/Inititial Study, NOP Comments, Scoping Meeting Summary (PDF)
  7. EIR Appendix B Biological Resources Technical Memo (PDF)
  8. EIR Appendix C Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Modeling and Calculations (PDF)
  9. EIR Appendix D Noise Modeling (PDF)
  10. EIR Appendix E Traffic Technical Data (PDF)
  11. EIR Appendix F Health Risk Assessment (PDF)
  12. EIR Approach to Environmental Analysis (PDF)
  13. EIR Cumulative Impacts (PDF)
  14. EIR Executive Summary (PDF)
  15. EIR Greenhouse Gas Emissions (PDF)
  16. EIR Hazards and Hazardous Materials (PDF)
  17. EIR Hydrology and Water Quality (PDF)
  18. EIR Land Use (PDF)
  19. EIR List of Preparers (PDF)
  20. EIR Noise (PDF)
  21. EIR Other CEQA Sections (PDF)
  22. EIR Project Description (PDF)
  23. EIR References (PDF)
  24. EIR Table of Contents (PDF)
  25. EIR Transportation and Traffic (PDF)
  26. EIR Utilities and Service Systems (PDF)
  27. Entire Draft EIR August 15, 2013 (PDF)
  28. FEIR County Jail Project - 1. Introduction Page (PDF)
  29. FEIR County Jail Project - 2. Minor Modifications to the Project (PDF)
  30. FEIR County Jail Project - 3. Responses to Comments (PDF)
  31. FEIR County Jail Project - 4. Revisions to the DEIR (PDF)
  32. FEIR County Jail Project - 5. References (PDF)
  33. FEIR County Jail Project - 6. List of Preparers (PDF)
  34. FEIR County Jail Project - Cover Title Page (PDF)
  35. FEIR County Jail Project - Full Report (PDF)
  36. FEIR County Jail Project - Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (PDF)
  37. FEIR County Jail Project - Table of Content (PDF)
  38. FEIR County Jail Project - Transmittal Memo (PDF)
  39. Napa County Jail EIR Cover Page August 15, 2013 (PDF)
  40. Napa County Jail Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Initial Study (PDF)

Project Archive Documents